It all started in 1991 with a determined dance mom, Joy Ellis. She saw firsthand the demand to have dance supplies in the area, not just for her own children, but for the other dancers struggling to find convenient, affordable, high quality dancewear.

Joy’s natural ability for spotting quality materials as a seamstress allowed her to confidently offer high quality dance apparel at an affordable price, locally. She strived to bring as much variety as she could, to provide her community with everything they needed and more. As she established Footlights within the dance retail community as the go to dance shop, she made an impact on the vendors with her cutting-edge fitting techniques. Today, with over thirty years of experience, Joy is considered a master fitter by dance retailers and vendors across the nation.

As the company grew, her children grew up too. Following in Joy's footsteps is her son, Joe, and her daughter-in-law, Molly. Joe grew up with Footlights, learning the ins and outs of the company from an early age. As he got older, Joy continued to share in the life of business with her son. Her legacy, passion and knowledge are carried on to the next generation with Joe and Molly. Today, they run Footlights together, not just as partners, but as family. 

With multiple boutique locations, Footlights is constantly looking for ways to be the most convenient and reliable source of high-quality dance supplies in the area. Without the constant support of local studios and dance communities, Footlights would not be where it is today. Every day Footlights is looking for ways to give back to the community who has given so much support over the years. Our employees strive to uphold the same impeccable customer service Joy started thirty years ago. Each staff member is trained to help you find everything you need and more. The Footlights values, knowledge and experience, make shopping with us a truly unique learning, and welcoming environment for dancers of all ages. Experience Footlights for yourself and your family today.

For the serious dancer, there is only one choice!


Meet the Team

Joy Ellis – Procurement Director, Founder 

Joy opened the doors to Footlights in the summer of 1991. Although she is no longer on the sales floor, she is behind the scenes handling all purchasing and budgeting for the company and constantly finding ways to keep up with the demand for new, unique merchandise. Her expertise and experiences over the decades are key notes that get passed down to each employee during their training process.


Joe Ellis – Co-Owner, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Pointe Shoe Master Fitter, Pointe Shoe Alterations Master

As the son of Joy, Joe has grown up in a world of dance and theater. Spending most of his time at Footlights, the family business has been part of his life from a very early age. Joe attended West Virginia University and got his degree in Business Management. He’s had his fair share of experiences with many different companies across the U.S., before coming back home to Footlights. He has worked a multitude of customer service centric positions, and handled various management positions overseeing inventory and distribution for large chain retailers. He continues to research world-wide trends to keep Footlights relevant and ahead of the curve. These days, you’ll often find him in store or on the road with the Studio Direct team, offering the best of Footlights to our clients & up-holding the impeccable customer service we’re known for.


Molly Ellis - Chief Operating Officer (COO) | Senior Pointe Shoe Fitter, Senior Pointe Shoe Alterations Specialist

Molly has been with Footlights for almost a decade. Her background crosses a multitude of areas. With Footlights, she utilizes her expertise in social media/marketing, business management and customer service. Her unique experiences within businesses both on a small platform and cooperate platform, allowed her to help pave the way for new training techniques and internal structural growth within Footlights. Today, Molly continues to help find new and pioneering endeavors to maintain Footlights as a leader of the industry. She oversees the technical development and intricacies behind the scenes at Footlights. In joint efforts, Molly helps Joe maintain oversight of the boutiques and seamlessly fills in for each department as needed.


Ezzie – Distribution Manager | Senior Pointe Shoe Fitter, Senior Pointe Shoe Alterations Specialist

Do you ever wonder who it is that adds that bit of extra care to make sure you receive your online order or who counts all of those thousands of bunheads supplies when we first get them in from the manufacturer? Meet Ezzie! She handles all distribution for the merchandise going in and out of Footlights, including processing and handling all of our online sales. Ezzie’s extensive background with Footlights has been a unique and challenging one. She began as a sales associate to our boutique operation in Frederick in 2010, shortly before the expansion of the sales floor. When we opened our Silver Spring boutique, Ezzie was promoted to boutique manager of Footlights Frederick. As Footlights grew, Ezzie’s roles expanded to cover distribution and purchasing assistant while still maintaining her role as boutique manager. As we continued to shift roles, Ezzie took on distribution management full time. She’s one of our most experienced fitters at Footlights and a valued member of the team. You can still find Ezzie fitting pointe shoes at Frederick when she has the time. Make sure you say hello to Ezzie next time you stop by.


Tracy -Studio Direct Manager | Pointe Shoe Fitter, Pointe Shoe Adjustment Specialist

 Tracy started with Footlights in 2017, on a whim while looking for something extra to do since her daughter was going to College. As a dance mom, Tracy knew her way around the dance attire and had spent many years working closely with some of our partnered studios in the area. She gave valuable insight to the new environment of the Alexandria dance community. Tracy managed the former Alexandria boutique during its last few years in operation. Her natural hands-on approach makes everyone feel at ease when working with her. Tracy goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect for our clients. Since closing our Alexandria boutique, Tracy took on managing our Studio Direct department full time. 


Footlights Frederick Crew:

Footlights Frederick is our founding, flagship boutique, established thirty years ago. It remains the largest Footlights boutique today. We expanded this location in 2010 to allow more floor space for your convenience. This location sports four spacious dressing rooms and the most expansive selection of dance supplies in the area!


Sam - Boutique Manager | Pointe Shoe Fitter, Pointe Shoe Alterations Specialist

Sam began her journey at Footlights in 2015 as a sales associate. She came on board just in time to dive into the hectic world of Recital Season. Her childhood experiences as a dancer helped Sam quickly adapt to the environment of inspiring & professional dancers colliding in one space. As she trained over time, Sam began learning the ins-and-outs of management as an assistant boutique manager. In the fall of 2018, Sam was promoted to boutique manager. Sam’s professionally trained expertise at Footlights includes how to properly fit pointe shoes and customize them to fit dancers' needs. You can find Sam most any day of the week at Footlights helping little one’s find their first tap shoes or stocking the latest merchandise, stop by to say hello to Sam today!


Gigi - Sales Associate | Pointe Shoe Fitter, Pointe Shoe Alterations Specialist

Gigi has been with us since the summer of 2012, she started just before the grand opening of the Silver Spring boutique! Her training was, as she likes to call it, a “crash course” in the manic mode which is Back to Dance Season. Since then, Gigi has learned all about each and every product Footlights carries over the years. Gigi regularly works weekends and shares her time at the Silver Spring boutique when we need an extra helping hand. As a former dance mom, Gigi has seen the dance world from the perspective that many of our clients see it, from behind the stage. But she’s not just a dance mom! Gigi has also been known to slide on some ballroom shoes & hit the floor. Her years of knowledge both personally & at Footlights makes her a gem to work with. She’s professionally trained to fit all of our shoes, including pointe shoes.  Come say hello to Gigi today!


Louisa - Sales Associate - Training

Bio coming soon!


Footlights Silver Spring Crew:

Footlights Silver Spring was established in the Fall of 2012. Expanding the floor space of Frederick wasn’t enough, we felt the demand to open in the DMV, a calling for our expertise and expansive selection to be more convenient to our shoppers. The Silver Spring boutique boasts three dressing rooms, and the same variety of selection of dance supplies as our Frederick boutique. Don’t be fooled by our smaller size, we’ve optimized the space to hold everything you need & more!


Stephanie - Boutique Manager | Pointe Shoe Fitter, Pointe Shoe Alterations Specialist

Stephanie has danced for several years with various local companies, and currently performs as a freelance dancer. She’s also owned and operated a performing arts empowerment program for young girls, where she wrote, directed, choreographed, and produced stage plays and dance productions. As an artist, and a dance mom, Stephanie understands the importance of a dancer feeling their absolute best in the products that they purchase, and she also understands the sacrifices that parents make to give their children opportunities to dance. That motivates her to go above and beyond to ensure that each client gets the best service, advice, products and care. Be sure to say hello to Stephanie next time you stop by! 


Jazmine – Sales Associate | Pointe Shoe Fitter, Pointe Shoe Alterations Specialist

She graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2015 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts - Ballet Performance degree. She preformed with Ballet Pensacola from 2014-2019, and moved to DC to start her career with a local dance company. She's been with Footlights since 2019 and enjoys helping dancers find their perfect fit. Come say hello to Jazmine next time you need new dance supplies!


Linda- Sales Associate - Training

Bio coming soon!


Footlights Alexandria: CLOSED  PERMANENTLY AUGUST 2021
Footlights Alexandria held it’s grand opening in the Fall of 2016. This boutique has a bright and open floor plan. With floor to ceiling shelving, we’ve made sure each square foot is stocked with everything our clients need. With two large dressing rooms and multiple fitting areas, we’re able to continue the reputation of providing our customers with the services and products they want and need within a convenient location!