At Footlights, we have two partnership options to pick from for studio owners/directors, schools and other facilities offering dance + theater programs. The Studio Wholesale program is a great option for company owners looking for a new, local and reliable source of dance supplies. 

Our traditional Studio Partnership Program focuses around the mutual partnership of Footlights and your company. To read more, go here. 

For our Studio Wholesale program, the focus is on bulk orders and supplying in-studio shops with the supplies they want and need. There are multiple ways this program can be used: 

1) Purchasing company uniforms for resale year-round (I.E. basics such as ballet shoes, leotards, tights, hair kits, etc). 

2) Purchasing unique uniform needs year-round based on recitals/performances, etc (IE tutus, specialty tights, specialty shoes)

The program is completely flexible and does not rely on the same partnership terms and conditions as our Traditional Studio Partnership Program.

For your convenience, you can also purchase customized Fit Kits. This helps lower the space of carrying inventory at your establishment and helps ensure dancers are getting the right size the first time! You can use these kits to your advantage and we will fulfill your orders with ease.

This program offers multiple tiers of discounts and payment plans for every budget. 

Let us help make supplying your dancers with everything they need easy, cost effective and rewarding. Looking to switch from another large-chain supplier? Let us help you! With our services, we'll be able to help you establish a completely customized line of merchandise to stock at the studio without the hassle of trying to find affordable, reliable, and convenient options alone. The best part is, you can pick and choose from thousands of options including limited fashion without being restricted to limited selections or only a handful of vendors.

For more information, sign up here: Studio Wholesale Application