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The Studio Wholesale Program

The Wholesale Program is a great option for company owners looking for a new, local and reliable source of dance supplies for their school, production and/or studio. 

For our Studio Wholesale program, the focus is on bulk orders and supplying in-studio shops with the supplies they want and need. Order as little as once a year or as frequently as weekly!

Wholesale Benefits:

Supplying Basics Regularly

Purchasing company uniforms for resale year-round (I.E. basics such as ballet shoes, leotards, tights, hair kits, etc). 

Special Occasions

Purchasing unique uniform needs year-round based on recitals/performances, etc (IE tutus, specialty tights, specialty shoes). Perfect for studios/schools who don't stock product on hand at the studio.

Supplying Specialty Items

For studios who like to offer fashion options, this is a great chance to shop fashion apparel.

Bulk Custom-Designed Items

Want studio-labeled items like water bottles, jackets, makeup bags, etc? We can do that, too.

Custom Fitting Kits

Custom Fitting Kits to keep at the studio to fit students as needed (such as new enrollments or costume planning). Perfect for studios/schools who don't stock product on hand at the studio.

Bulk Discounts

This program offers multiple tiers of discounts based on order totals.

Payment Plans

Payment plans (such as AfterPay and Net Terms) for every budget are available*

subject to total amount due

No Yearly Commitment

There is no time, marketing or minimum order rate commitment when using our Wholesale Program. Use it as little or as frequently as you want!

Only our terms and conditions apply to each purchase.

Pointe Shoes

Exclusion Applies

We do not offer wholesale purchases of pointe shoes (or demi shoes) for stock purposes.

For foundations, programs and companies who want to pay for shoes on behalf of their dancers, we offer seperate terms and conditions. To discuss this option, please email for further assistance.

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Let us help make supplying your dancers with everything they need easy, cost effective and rewarding. Looking to switch from another large-chain supplier? Let us help you! With our services, we'll be able to help you establish a completely customized line of merchandise to stock at the studio without the hassle of trying to find affordable, reliable, and convenient options alone. The best part is, you can pick and choose from thousands of options including limited fashion without being restricted to limited selections or only a handful of vendors.

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Learn more about our discounts and exclusive offers for those looking to move from another source for in studio supplies at the wholesale level. Applicable clients can receive exclusive deals and direct offers on merchandise from vendors through Footlights that aren’t available anywhere else.

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We offer sewing services, pointe shoe customization, educational events on dance supplies, and specialized fittings. Footlights is one of the most sought-after retailers - not just in the Mid-Atlantic, but in the United States. With Footlights, you are sure to receive unparalleled customer service. Let us show you first hand...

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