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Pointe Shoe Fittings

We are a team of certified fitters who strongly believe that no one is ever truly "done" learning something new about the detailed professionalism that goes into proper pointe shoe fittings. The craftmanship, technology and dancers' needs are always evolving and so does our training. We're certified professional fitters with renowned recognition in the industry; we offer in-house customizations and custom orders. Every one of our pointe-fitting trainees spends months training in the art of fitting alongside our senior and master fitters. Every fitting you receive at Footlights is done by a trained professional. In addition to our certifications, we work closely with manufacturers to test pointe shoes in development and only stock shoes we believe are exceptionally made and truly benefit dancers.

Professional Services for Pointe Dancers

Sewing Services

We offer customization services for pointe shoes at Footlights. Our most frequently used service is sewing. We can sew ribbon & elastic onto ballet flats and pointe shoes. We use standard placements and can accommodate most custom requests. Sewing is often a same-day service with just a few minutes wait time.

Pricing varies per service.

All sales final.


We also offer more complex services, like shank strengthening, de-shanking, softening, drawstring replacements or inserts etc. Most of these services are same-day pickup. When we cannot personally provide a special custom service in-shop, we work with manufacturers to execute the custom designs.

Pricing varies per service.

All sales final.

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306 E. Church Street. Frederick, MD 21701

938 Wayne Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20910

Each Boutique location offers the same style selections and are operated daily by certified fitters.

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