European Balance + B-You Campaign

European Balance + B-You Campaign

The European Balance by Bloch has been the flagship shoe leading the brand in our market for many years. See our break down on an episode of Dancers Candy here.

The European Balance sports many fan favorite designs making it one of the most popular beginning shoes for dancers who are starting pointe training. 

 The medium vamp and wings with an average crown compliment a wide range of feet in the beginners market. The medium shank option is made with a pre-arch design to help dancers properly find a stable position onto the platform when rolling up through demi-pointe. 

Being such a popular style, the European Balance is also offered in a strong shank for dancers who continue using this option as their strength builds up. In addition, larger size options were added in the recent years to expand the line further to encompass larger feet. This was a huge benefit to our male clients who dance on pointe as well.

To highlight some of the key features of the European Balance:

  • The Box: Gradually tapered box allowing a secure hug around the feet. This small decrease in width can been seen when looking at the box. The platform is wide, offering a stable space for those beginner dancers to find their balance while working en pointe. Additional silent-technology materials were used under the pleating to help reduce harsh noise.
  • Heel Cup: The heel cup has a large foam sponge material built into it creating a consistent shape to the heel. This design unfortunately does not look streamlined on every foot.
  • Materials: The European Balance has strong, reinforced satin that provides assistance to security. Elastic drawstrings for the ability to adjust as needed. The toe cushion is glued down inside the box to add additional comfort, but most dancers take it out. 

The B-You Campaign began as the opportunity to offer more representation in shades of skin tones for pointe shoes satins. 

Image source.

The first shade launched in the summer of 2021 was B29 (shown in photo- right). Bloch describes it as "a warm rich brown with a subtle hint of red undertones" (cited). 

Three more shades are coming, making the B-You Tonal line the largest line of skin tone pointe shoe options out on the market. 

The three additional colors are (cited): 

The B31, a deeper shade of brown with a strong depth of red undertone

The B27 a golden brown with a hint of yellow and peach undertones

The B24 a paler peachy tan with subtle yellow undertones.

These four tones are available for order through Footlights and will be on display. The B29 is already in our boutiques and looks absolutely stunning. However, the B-You line is only offered in the European Balance and Heritage pointe shoes. None of the other styles (such as the extremely popular Balance Lisse), are going to be offered in these shades. 

 If you're interested in trying the European Balance, stop by one of our boutique locations for a professional fitting with our certified team!


Disclaimer: Always get fitted by a professionally trained fitter when searching for new shoes. This information is not intended to be used to “self fit". Our professional fitters are trained specifically to help ensure a safe and proper fitting for every dancer. There is so much more to fitting than just knowing your basic foot structure, what feels good, what looks good and what sounds like you might want to try. 
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