The End of an Era at Footlights; Goodbye Studio Direct VIP Program

The End of an Era at Footlights; Goodbye Studio Direct VIP Program

Over the years, Footlights has advanced and evolved discount programs offered to dancers and studios alike since the nineties. In the mid 2010s, we first started our formal Studio Direct Program. This program offered studio discounts based on studio-affiliation and proximity to our shops. 


But, as shopping changed, uniform requirements dropped and the pandemic hit, we saw a drastic decline in the use and need of this VIP Program. Instead, we were constantly being asked for an individual-based program.


In 2021, we launched the Footie Rewards Program. This is the Rewards Program we all know and love today. This program wasn't based on your studio location, affiliation or a time-frame (like the VIP Program relied on). 


The Footie Rewards Program lets you earn points with every purchase*, redeem them online and in store or over the phone. It offers up to 30% off in savings, and deals such as FREE shipping! It doesn't matter if you're an adult dancer or a dance parent enrolling their child for their first season of classes, or a dancer who has since graduated from a local dance studio and is now away at Collage. The Footie Rewards Program was built based on the need that our community of dancers voiced with us and our community in return has shown us how much they rely on this program.


 With the wide success of the Footie Rewards Program and the drastic changes to how families, studios and dancers shop with Footlights over the last few years, we've made the decision to retire our Studio Direct VIP Program effective 2023 as it no longer truly serves what it once did.


With our Studio Direct Manager and former Alexandria Boutique Manager, Tracy, retiring with this roll from Footlights, we're closing a chapter on a part of the Footlights branch, but with that closure we're focused on growing with the demands of our clients today.


We will still be offering our Wholesale/Bulk Purchase Program to studios looking to purchase items in bulk, and will continue to be involved in placing program adverts, studios looking for supplies for dancers in need, studios who want to share their uniform requirements with us, and studios who want to schedule group fittings at our locations. We will always be here to serve those who want to work with us!


What's changing? Applicable studio discount codes will no longer be active by June of 2023 and will instead be fully transferred over to the Footie Rewards Program permanently. In addition, our Shop By Studio accessible page for applicable studios will no longer be accessible. Almost all of the parents currently enrolled at a VIP studio are already actively using their Footie Rewards at Footlights and we're here to help you learn more about what points you have or how to earn them while we phase out the old program.


Should you have any questions, please send your inquiries to 



Molly & Joe Ellis, Co-Owners

Ezzie, Boutique Director

Miranda Boutique Management


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