Beta Testing a New Pointe Shoe

Beta Testing a New Pointe Shoe

We're beta testing a new model of pointe shoes by Bloch


"Introducing our latest innovation in pointe shoe technology. Etu fuses modern materials with the best of traditional craftsmanship to radically enhance comfort and durability."

This new model currently boasts, "a padded insole, toe protection and additional layers around the toe box". This shoe is designed to mold perfectly to your foot with mixing new and traditional materials for Bloch. In addition, it features a highly-popular, durable suede tip. 


This new style is still in beta testing and production. This means that while we have a limited selection available, later models out of beta testing may differ.


Availability is extremely limited and only available in the Frederick Boutique with a fitting with Footlights master fitter, Joe Ellis, at this time. This fitting option is only intended for dancers who have been dancing en pointe. 


To help us gather more feedback on the shoe, we're offer a LIMITED by-appointment fittings with the co-owner of Footlights, Joe Ellis. To schedule Wednesday, August 9 or Friday, August 11, go here

 We do not normally schedule appointments for fittings for individuals, we're only offering this for a limited time for a special event.


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