SBTCP-Classic Pro Pointe Shoes

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**For specific makers, contact us at prior to ordering  - Due to distributors rules, all back order information for specfically requested makers cannot be held on file. We will do our best to supply you with the closest maker available if needed. **

- Hand lasted by Freed of London Pointe Shoe Makers 
- Constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable components 
- Platform shaped to an en pointe angle, 
- Optimum en pointe position 
- Freed's Classic Pro insole: Graduated design strong under the metatarsal and flexible under the heel. 
- Enables the dancer to feel supported while also presenting the curve of the instep 
- Extra deep vamp cut to a slight V shape
- Light Wing block
- Strong block and platform 
- Side cut lower
- Elastic drawstring 
- Made in UK