Ballet 7+, Conservatory Ballet Advanced 1 & 2

Ballet 7+

Conservatory Ballet Advanced 1 & 2

  • Black Tank or Camisole Leotard (low backs or fancy straps are not permitted) (SL10 Amelia)
  • Pink or Skin tone tights 
  • Pink or Skin tone - Split leather or canvas ballet shoes (should fit like a glove)(2038, 2037, SD16L)
  • Performances will require canvas shoes.Hair in a classical ballet bun
  • Please note: Tights and Shoe color must match.  You may wear flesh tone tights with flesh tone shoes or pink tights with pink shoes.
  • OPTIONAL black pull on classical ballet skirt is permitted.  Please note an instructor may ask a student to remove the skirt from time to time to better observe a student’s form.
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